Sunshine, mountains, ocean, best friends

Katie and I took the boys (and Sadie) to the library for storytime. Got glanced at by the librarian more than once for talking during her story. I mean, we weren’t really ‘talking’, we were whispering!! One time she even paused her story to wait until we were done before she would continue!!! I felt like a scolded kid in class haha then we headed out to the park on this beautiful day!

Today we decorated your nursery





Son, your dad is an awesome man. Today he hung all the curtains AND put up a stupid light I wanted to hang from our bedroom ceiling. (He said it makes him feel like our room is a carnival). But he did it, and we laughed all day. Later in the night I made meat pies and key lime pie and your dad played ffiv with his friends. You kicked so much today and there were some hard ones too! If you play soccer I’ll be so happy 🙂 💛